Bright Steam Carpet Cleaning

Bright Steam Carpet Cleaning are your one stop source for all things floor and upholstery cleaning. With our reputable company and extensive experience, we can provide you with the expert knowledge and impeccable service that you need to get your carpet, rugs, tile & grout, wood floors, mattresses, drapery and air ducts thoroughly cleaned. And when you have a water or flood damage emergency, we are there to help you restore your home or property. When you hire Bright Steam Carpet Cleaning, you will never have to worry about scrubbing your tile on your hands and knees or removing stains on your carpet. Our cleaning and restoration services will not only clean and restore but protect your floors and upholstery from future spills and accidents.

Here are just a few reasons as to why hiring Bright Steam Carpet Cleaning is well worth the investment

-We treat our customers with outstanding customer service
Our trained technicians and staff members are all professionals at what they do; including how they treat our valued customers. When you hire us, you can rightly expect our staff to be courteous and professional during the entire cleaning and restoration process. It is our great service that makes us one of California’s finest full service carpet cleaners.

– We use professional, advanced equipment
We own powerful, truck mounted steam cleaning systems, tools, equipment and products for giving our customers the best cleaning services possible. Unlike many of our competitors, we never compromise with inferior quality equipment. We pride ourselves in utilizing the best equipment money can buy! We never compromise with low quality equipment. We always give our customers the highest quality steam cleaning service possible.

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