Can Carpet Be Saved After Water Damage in Azusa, CA? Extract Water, Drying, Cleaning & More

When you are dealing with damage to your carpets you want to make sure that you tend to it in the proper manner. Damage can range to anything such as juice spilled on the carpet to gum that has been ground into the carpet. These are ways that you carpet can become damaged. Another way that your carpets can become damaged is from water. You might be wondering how water could cause damage to your carpet when it is just water but it can. It is a gateway to other problems that are sure to come after your carpet and other areas of your home are saturated. The interesting thing is that water damage is best left treated by a professional that has the ability to clean and dry out the problem areas. It is important to have the work done right to prevent mold and mildew. It is also important to ensure that the carpet can be saved rather than replaced. There are some common ways that your carpet can be damaged from water. Bright Steam Carpet Cleaning lists ways your carpets might be flooded by water.

Roof Leaks

One of the top reasons that water leaks in the house is from a leak in the roof. The roof is the first line of defense when there is rain or snow. You want your roof to be able to take the water from rain and send it off the sides into the gutter. The roof should not have areas that the water is allowed to congregate and it should not allow the water to get through the roofing materials. When the roof has some level of damage even it is small the water can leak through and cause a drip that comes in and over the carpet. This is water that has levels of contaminants and needs to be cleaned properly.

Damaged Appliances

If you go through your house and look for appliances that use water the amount may surprise you. There is the dishwasher in the kitchen as well as the refrigerator, freezer, ice maker and in the laundry room you have a washing machine. You also have a water heater in the basement or the garage that is a large tank full of water. When any of these malfunction the water that is used to run the appliance can start to pour out. This water has to go somewhere and that will end up soaking into the carpet and other floors. The water can also have contaminants that will bring bacteria as well as mold and mildew.

Broken Pipes

The other problem that you might have is if pipe in the house breaks. There are pipes that are running from the sinks and appliances that will help bring the water in the house. The water can start to leak out and flow through the house. You need to be able to find the shut off valve at your house to stop the water and repair the pipe.

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